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So, you think you got the juice. At Jokesters 22, we pride ourselves in providing opportunities and being the only Comedy Club in the geographic region to cultivate relationships with local and up and coming talent. For comedians, we know it is tough enough as it is trying to navigate the comedy business by being your own booking agent and marketing genius all the while still sharpening your skills as a Stand-Up Comedy Performer. We want to make it a little bit easier and provide to you, “The top 3 ways to get booked at Jokesters 22”.

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “How do I get booked at your venue?”. Whether it is in person, on social media from Twitter to Facebook and via friends of friends, the question that is lingering remains. Below are the TOP 3 ways to get booked on a paying gig at Jokesters 22

3. Come to OPEN MIC.

There are so many hidden gems that we find at Open Mic. Whether you are a seasoned comic or just starting out, Jokesters 22 Open Mic is the perfect opportunity to get on stage and show us what you got. This is a no judgement zone and is a great platform to try out new material, work on existing material, network with other talent and most importantly show face to our staff and leadership teams. Many times, the Owner, Founder and CEO, Marsha Mahaffey will be in attendance scouting new talent to place on upcoming shows. There are countless of stand-up comedians that have started out at our Open Mics as a hobby and are now getting paid to make people laugh. We also have our scouts in the audience letting us know who are the ones that are consistently getting better and possibly ready for a paying gig. It makes us super proud to see someone start out at one of our open mics or one of our Comedy Classes, blossom into a paid Stand Up Comedy Performer. We are changing lives one joke at a time 😊. Open Mic is every Thursday at 8PM. Sign up starts at 7PM!!

2. Send your official EPK to our booking emails

One of the most professional ways to get our attention is sending us your EPK to our booking emails;

And always be sure to cc the following;

What is an EPK you ask? An EPK is an electronic press kit and at a minimum contains the following;

a. A short bio

b. A professional photo

c. A video or link to your best material

If you want to go above and beyond, these also help with booking consideration;

d. your social media links and some analytical data or metrics involving your social media presence

e. some good references

In the body of the email, please be clear with your intent, do you want to get booked at Jokesters 22 as a feature or headline, or maybe you want to host. Also give us your dates of availability.

If we don’t get back to you, please don’t take it personal. We filter through hundreds of emails daily and sometimes emails go to spam and/or filtered. We try our very best to get back to each and every email or EPK sent. We will have another article or video on how to create a great EPK that will have the “WOW” factor.

Sending us your EPK is a professional way to show us that you are serious about your craft and serious about getting booked at our professional and now historic Jokesters 22 Comedy Club Venue.

1. Show us you can sell tickets.

Can you sell tickets? That is the question heard ‘round the world. At Jokesters 22 we have had unknown comics come to our venue and sell out every single seat. On the flip side, we have also had Comedians that have had their own HULU/Netflix special come from across the country and literally sell only 1 paid ticket. Everyone talks the talk and thinks they can, “sell out the joint” but we have seen on very many occasions, that reality isn’t the case for everyone. The point of the matter is, if you have a crowd or fan base, that pays to come see you, and you can prove it with supporting documentation, then you have a very high probability of getting booked at Jokesters 22. Obviously if you bring something more to the table, then we can have those conversations about ticket splits/door splits, etc. Depending on how you answer the question, “Can you sell tickets?’ it will open up different conversations. As a business, we have to make business decisions to ensure we can keep providing a venue, a Comedy Platform and most importantly opportunities for every one with the dream. Let’s walk the walk, together!

Hopefully we have answered some questions and I know we have piqued the interest of many. To simplify the process of talking to this person or trying to get in good with those people, this article is there to cut the fat and get to the meat of How to get booked at Jokesters 22.

Our goal at Jokesters 22 is to provide an exceptional quality show every single show. This is regardless of the headliner. We are becoming established as the “Go To” Comedy Club in San Antonio and we have so many amazing things that are coming to fruition. We love to partner with local comedians to help the dream become a reality. Please come to us (shoot us an email at if you have an idea for a show or benefit or something that you think we can do better. We are all for the Comedy Culture in San Antonio, and we want to see it thrive!!

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